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Ferno Model 24 MAXX Mortuary Removal Cot


Ferno 24 MAXX Removal Cot.

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With its unique independent-leg design, This cot transports up to 1,000 pounds while reducing the potential for operator injury. With its unique, independent-leg design and wider surface, the 24-MAXX allows you to transport bodies weighing up to 1,000 pounds while reducing the risk of back injuries. The cot allows for easy maneuverability in tight areas and down stairs, and has a powder-coated frame and stylish design. The new 24-MAXX, with a variety of innovative features, offers the dependable performance you’ve come to expect from Ferno, the industry leader.


  • A Wider Surface of 25 inches adds stability when transporting large, heavy bodies.
  • Unique Independent-leg Design allows the front legs to fold and unfold, while the rear legs, at the user’s end, remain engaged, carrying the cot’s weight into the vehicle. The design also allows for five height adjustments.
  • Dual Release Handles for both front and back legs allow for one-person loading and unloading.
  • Optional Side-lift Handles provide additional lifting points for heavier patients while helping to navigate through rough terrain.


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